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Eyelid malpositions can be severely detrimental to our vision and the health of our eyes. Our eyelids do more than frame our eyes to give us expressions. They are the gatekeepers of one of our most important senses… the sense of sight. To restore your vision, get treatment for eyelid malpositions in Houston.

What Are Eyelid Malpositions?

Eyelids help lubricate our eyes, sweep away foreign matter and debris, shield our eyes from excessive light and other material and provide essential nutrients to the outer coats of our eyes. Simply put, properly functioning eyelids are essential to the well-being of our eyes and vision.

Eyelid malpositions like entropion and ectropion are among the top eyelid problems associated with age. They often require surgery. If not attended to, they can be painful and may develop into worse problems, such as permanent scarring of the cornea, dry eyes, eye infections, and loss of vision.

Symptoms of Eyelid Malpositions

There are different types of eyelid malpositions, but their common denominator is the affected eyelid’s improper positioning. However, you must take note of the specific signs of each type to find the most suitable treatment.

  • If it impacts the axis vision, the malposition is called ptosis, which reduces one’s visual field.
  • People with entropion may experience eye watering, a sensation of rubbing against the surface of the eyes, and irritation.
  • Those with ectropion may suffer from a reddish eye surface, irritation, watery eyes, a foreign sensation, and eye infections.

Causes of Eyelid Malpositions

There are several common conditions that can result in a mal-position or malfunction of our eyes. Some are due to age-related changes, while in other cases the mal-position can be secondary to trauma, muscular or even neurologic conditions. Dr. Sami and all of us at Houston Oculofacial Plastic Surgery work collaboratively with our patients towards creating a personal plan that is tailored to fit each patient’s unique needs.

Other causes of eyelid malpositions include eye infection, eye muscle weakness related to aging, eyelid growths, injury, past eyelid surgeries, and facial nerve paralysis.

Diagnosing Eyelid Malpositions

Eyelid malpositions can be diagnosed with a physical and a routine eye exam. Dr. Sami might gently pull on your eyelids or request you to forcefully close or blink your eyes to assess your eyelids’ position, tightness, and muscle tone.

Treatment Options

Eyelid malpositions require surgery to change the eyelid’s position and restore its natural function and appearance. The surgical procedure for ptosis targets the upper eyelid’s levator muscle, changing its position and height to help clients see better.

In the case of ectropion and entropion, the eyelids must be assessed to find the best course of treatment. Those whose eyelid malpositions are due to surgery or scarring may need to undergo skin grafting to correct the eyelid’s position.

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