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Dr. Mirwat Sami has a great deal of experience with non-surgical jawline contouring for Houston patients. As we age, we get jowls, and skin begins to sag around the chin and jaw regions. Loose skin can obscure the jawline, creating an older and out-of-shape appearance.

Having a defined jawline can say a lot about our general health and fitness. Many people try in vain to get a sculpted jawline with dieting and exercise. Non-surgical methods of neck and jawline contouring can correct the appearance of sagging skin, excess fat, and loose muscle tissue.

Neck and Jawline Contouring Without Surgery

Non-surgical options work well for people who are in need of subtler contouring than surgery offers. The following non-surgical neck and jawline options are available:

  • Kybella for a Double Chin – This injectable deoxycholic-acid treatment is specifically designed to destroy excess fat in the submental area (the region under the chin). The fat cells are then gradually naturally filtered out by the body. Several sessions may be required to achieve optimal results. The results are permanent, provided you maintain your weight appropriately.
  • Botox for Masseter Muscles – Botox is an injectable neuromodulator that is directly injected into masseter (jaw) muscles to achieve a contoured and slim appearance. The masseter muscle is thinned out on both sides of the face, and results last up to four months.
  • Dermal Fillers – Dermal fillers are injected directly into the jawline, restoring volume to address hollow regions. Results appear instantly, and effects last six months to a year or longer depending on the filler product chosen.

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Jawline Contouring Cost

The price of jawline contouring will depend on your chosen method of contouring, along with many other factors. Total treatment time and the combination of treatment options can affect the final price.

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