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Dr. Sami and our staff at Houston Oculofacial Plastic Surgery keep our patients first and foremost. Our philosophy is to treat patients the same way we would want to be treated ourselves. Dr. Sami’s compassionate and understanding demeanor complements her exceptional quality work, ensuring our patients always feel comfortable, satisfied and totally at home!

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“Everything I ever wanted..”

“Everything I ever wanted..”
(Part II)

“I would recommend Dr. Sami without reservation.”

“She just really puts you at ease..”

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I look better and feel better

Dear Dr. Sami
It is absolutely true when they say “your eyes are the windows to your soul”. I cannot thank you enough for making such a difference in my life. After my “eye – lid procedure” – not only can I see so much better but I look better and feel better about myself.

You have a special gift and I so much appreciate your skills and expertise along with your compassion and caring. You fulfilled everything that you told me you would. Thank you again.

If you have a patient that is not sure about going forward with this procedure – feel free to have them call me.


I was extremely impressed with Dr. Sami

I was extremely impressed with Dr. Sami from my very first visit with her. She very quickly, without much fanfare diagnosed my problem and explained what needed to be done with illustrative drawings. During and following the procedure, Sami has consistently shown a warm and sincere concern for my comfort. While I hope that there will be no need for further surgery in my future, Dr. Sami would unquestionably be the physician on whom I’d rely.

Dr. Sami is an excellent doctor

Dr. Sami,
por medio de esta carta le mando un sincero saludo a usted y a todo su equipo todos son unas excelentes perzonas, amables jentiles y audaces estoy muy contento y agradecido con todos como me an tratado especialmente usted Dr. Sami es una excelente Doctora estoy muy contento y satisfecho de su trabajo también estoy agradecido con Dios por aberme puesto en sus manos y todo a salido bien gracias a usted y a Dios y a todo el equipo y espero que las personas que sufran de los males que Usted cura Dios se los mande para que Usted los cure con esa sabiduría que Usted tiene y yo también se los recomendare para que Usted los cure y ojala la persona que lea esta carta le entienda y me dispensen lo mal escrito mi maquina no marca puntos ni comas no tiene. Esta muy viejita esta como su dueño que soy Jose y me despido hasta mi próxima citapor aquí nos miraremos si dios nolo permite.

English Translation:
Dr. Sami, by way of this letter I am sending you and your staff a sincere greeting. Everyone has been excellent, friendly, gentle so therefore I am very content and grateful to everyone, especially Dr. Sami who is an excellent doctor and I am very content and satisfied with her work. I am also grateful to God for placing me in her hands and everything turned out great thanks to Dr. Sami and God and all her staff. I hope that God directs all those suffering from these illnesses to you so you can cure them. I will certainly recommend everyone to you. I hope whoever reads this letter will understand it. Please forgive that its poorly written but my type writer is very old like its owner. I say bye until we next meet if God permits.

Thank you

Dear Dr. Sami,
I so appreciate your technical skill as a physician.
But, more importantly, it is such a blessing to have a physician who has such a warm and caring heart that is so beautifully expressed.
Thank you,

I appreciate you all

Dear Dr. Sami and staff,
Thank you for your skill, your kindness and patience. I appreciate you all.

She brought back my self-esteem!

Dr. Sami did a Blepharoplasty surgery on me. I had droopy lids – and one of my lids was just hanging [and] made one eye look much smaller than the other one. I was very self-conscious when I was referred to Dr. Sami, I was not sure of the results. I did not realize she can perform miracles!!!
She changed my life radically!! I feel sure of myself. She brought back my self-esteem! I am beyond happy. Thank you very much for making my life better. My eyes are opened!!

Dr. Sami was fantastic!

My experience with Dr. Sami was fantastic! Following cancer removal below my eye, the surgeon was unable to close the hole and referred me to Dr. Sami. Dr. Sami fit me into her already full schedule and operated the next day. The results were amazing. My thanks and appreciation to Dr. Sami and her entire staff!