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As the name implies, a “Floppy Eyelid” is one that is very loose and lax and is easily turned inside out. The eyelid fails to maintain its close and tight apposition to the eye and results in eye irritation, redness, dryness and excessive tearing. Of note, people with this condition suffer from spontaneous turning of the eyelids when they sleep causing the eye to rub against pillows and sheets with resultant discharge, crusting, redness and irritation on awakening. If left untreated, it can result in chronic ectropion, redness and corneal and eye abrasions.

Floppy Eyelid Syndrome

Floppy eyelids occur most commonly due to age-related weakening of certain eyelid muscles and laxity of eyelid tendons. Sometimes, this condition is part of a syndrome found in obese, middle-aged men with sleep apnea caused by similar laxity in the upper airway. “Floppy eyelid syndrome” is extremely important to identify due to its association with obstructive sleep apnea and sudden death. On numerous occasions, Dr. Sami has diagnosed floppy eyelid syndrome and sleep apnea in her patients and saved them from potentially serious cardiopulmonary consequences by referring them to a sleep specialist and cardiologists.

Dr. Sami and all of us at Houston Oculofacial Plastic Surgery work collaboratively with our patients towards creating a personalized plan that is tailored to fit each patient’s unique needs.

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The procedure

Floppy eyelids” can be surgically repaired and the surgical technique is dependent on the severity and chronicity of the presentation. The most common surgical procedure involves tightening of the eyelid and its attachments in order to restore the eyelid to its normal position. The surgery can be performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia. Patients typically recover quickly and experience excellent resolution of the condition following surgery.

“Floppy eyelid” repair, just like any eyelid procedure, begins with a thorough knowledge of periorbital structures together with a unique and customized approach to each individual patient. Remember, no two eyes are the same, let alone any two faces.

Dr. Sami carefully customizes her operative plan for each patient, taking into account their unique features such as facial symmetry, shape of the eye, position of fat pads, skin quality, muscle tone, dry eye problems and position of eyeball in relation to the facial bones. Based on her preoperative assessment and the needs and expectations of each patient, she ensures her surgical plan is carried out with compassionate care to yield fantastic results.

At Houston Oculofacial Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our compassionate patient care, our sensitivity and understanding of each patient’s needs and expectations and our drive for excellence. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones feel welcome, comfortable and 100% satisfied with your experience.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sami, please do not hesitate to contact us at 713-668-1264 so we can help enhance your life.