Oculofacial Reconstructive Procedures Houston

Reconstructive oculoplastic surgery is generally performed to treat conditions affectiong the function of the eye and lacrimal system including extra eyelid skin, droopy eyelids and brows, entropion, ectropion, tear duct obstructions, thyroid eye disease, skin and orbital cancers, orbital infections and trauma.

Our eyes, while being the windows to our soul are also one of our most vital sensory organs, providing us with a view of the world we live in. The eyelids and the periorbital structures are essential in protecting and supporting our eyes. Conditions that cause eyelid abnormalities can result in signs and symptoms ranging from decreased peripheral vision secondary to extra eyelid skin or droopy eyes, to severe dry eyes and exposure as seen with everted eyelids.

Even though Reconstructive procedures are generally performed to improve functionality, as I mentioned in my philosophy, form and function inevitably go hand-in-hand. In my experience, my efforts to improve functionality also result in an improvement in form and appearance, a decided plus for my patients.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about these diverse conditions that can affect your functionality and vitality, listed in the Reconstructive Procedures section.

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Reconstructive Oculoplastic Surgery