Heart disease and the eyes – Increased incidence in South Asians

Channel: ABC 13
Aired On: Visions May 07, 2017

Recent research has discovered that South Asians have a higher chance of developing issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cardiologist Dr. Shehzad Sami discusses the major role that ethnicity plays when it comes to the development of heart disease.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Mirwat Sami makes the observation that genetics appear to be the prevailing factor when it comes to answering why South Asians are prone to developing cardiovascular disease. She also mentions that other factors like diet and social factors play a significant role in the development of these issues as well.

Both doctors stress the importance of seeking professional medical care on a regular basis. While your genetics may make you prone to certain issues, taking care of your health can make a huge difference.

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