Erase Hyperpigmentation and More with an IPL Photofacial

Published on October 9, 2019

Is your facial hyperpigmentation making you feel self-conscious? Make-up helps cover up these flaws temporarily, but have you ever wished for a more permanent solution? To address hyperpigmentation issues, Dr. Mirwat Sami offers the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photofacial.

An IPL photofacial at Houston Oculofacial is not only effective in treating hyperpigmentation but also reverses sun damage and the unevenness in skin tone caused by rosacea. This dermatological procedure rejuvenates the skin gently and effectively.

What Is an IPL Photofacial?

An IPL photofacial is a laser light treatment that uses short pulses of light to penetrate the epidermis and destroy uneven pigment in the pigment-producing cells. The heat from the light energy constricts the blood vessels and stimulates new collagen production, reducing redness and wrinkles in the process.

Should I Get an IPL Photofacial Done?

You would make a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure if:

• You have rosacea or other skin discolorations that bother you
• You have fair and untanned skin
• You have a high degree of skin elasticity
• You have realistic expectations from the process
• You are looking for a quick procedure that gets the job done effectively

If you have moderate or deep wrinkles or acne scars, you may want to think about other treatments like dermal-filler injections.

Generally, individuals with a naturally darker complexion should not come in for IPL photorejuvenation, as they may experience changes in skin pigmentation after it.

Why Pick IPL Photofacials Over Other Skin-Rejuvenation Techniques?

IPL photofacials are non-surgical and non-invasive skin treatments that involve very little discomfort and are very low risk. They require no downtime, so you won’t need to take any time off from work afterwards.

An IPL photofacial is also more affordable than cosmetic surgeries and other laser treatments. The total price for your IPL photofacial will depend on how severe your aesthetic issues are and how many treatments you will require for your desired aesthetic results.

The IPL Treatment Process at Houston Oculofacial

The procedure takes only 30 minutes to perform. Before the treatment begins, you will wear protective eye gear. A cooling gel will be applied onto the skin to lessen any potential discomfort. Dr. Sami may apply ice to your skin afterwards to alleviate any discomfort felt.

Light energy will then be applied to the treatment regions. The size and location of your treatment areas will determine how many pulses of light you will get. Any redness that you experience as a result of the treatment will disappear shortly depending on your skin type.

The benefits that your IPL photofacial creates appear over the course of several weeks following the treatment. You can expect to enjoy the benefits for up to a year, provided you follow Dr. Sami’s post-procedural care instructions carefully.

Contact Houston Oculofacial for a Consultation

In order to pick the skin-rejuvenation treatment that’s right for you, arrange a consultation with Dr. Mirwat Sami, a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Contact Houston Oculofacial today to schedule your informative consultation regarding IPL photofacials and other treatment options.