Voluma Injections Volumize the Cheeks for a Youthful Appearance

Published on October 9, 2019

With the onset of aging, skin all over the body starts to lose its elasticity. This includes the face and the cheeks. The cheeks also lose volume as a result of fat loss from the underlying facial fat layer, making the face appear sunken and thin.

Hollow and gaunt cheeks can make a person feel self-conscious about their appearance. The solution is to opt for a treatment where the cheeks can be volumized, making the cheeks appear fuller and creating a more youthful appearance.

At Houston Oculofacial, Dr. Mirwat Sami offers a specialized injectable treatment called Juvederm Voluma to restore cheek volume.

What Are Voluma Injections?

Voluma is an injectable gel dermal filler that is manufactured by Juvederm. This treatment is minimally invasive and is completely non-surgical, When it is injected into the cheeks, it causes them to become volumized and makes the patient look instantly younger.

Why Opt for Voluma Injections?

There are a number of reasons why a patient might be interested in coming in for Voluma injections:

• It is the best non-surgical solution to make the cheeks look plumper and create a youthful look.
• It is only minimally invasive in nature, and as a result, there is virtually no downtime or recovery time.
• The results are instant and the procedure is patient-friendly.
• It is safe and approved by the FDA.
• Its effects are long lasting and can remain for up to two years.

How Is the Voluma Procedure Carried Out at Houston Oculofacial?

The procedure to volumize the cheeks is very simple, since it is an outpatient procedure that hardly takes any time at all to perform. After an initial consultation where Dr. Sami explains the benefits of Voluma, the patient will be ready for treatment.

Voluma contains hyaluronic acid that helps in plumping up skin and creating a volumizing effect. It also contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that numbs the area where it is injected and makes the process virtually painless. When injected, Voluma adds volume and creates smooth skin to make the cheeks appear fuller.

The Results of Voluma Treatment

The treatment is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments available, since its results are instantaneous and can be observed within minutes of the gel being injected. There are hardly any side effects, and any swelling disappears quickly.

The patient can resume their normal routine immediately after leaving Houston Oculofacial, making the procedure incredibly convenient for busy professionals. Surveys have shown that those who underwent this treatment felt that they looked five years younger thanks to the treatment. Even after two years after the procedure, they felt they looked several years younger.

Scheduling Your Voluma Consultation at Houston Oculofacial

Are you ready to restore youthful volume to your gaunt and hollow cheeks? Take the first step – contact Houston Oculofacial and set up a consultation with Dr. Mirwat Sami. Dr. Sami is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She will be available to answer any questions you may have and can discuss the procedure with you in greater detail.